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Contract research, FTE

Contract research, FTE


Contract research, FTE

AMRL is fully qualified to carry out contract research Synthesis in all areas of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry R&D to support your project. We provide an opportunity to accelerate your advances from discovery to the pharmaceutical product pipeline. Contact us for your current Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) rates. Contract research projects are performed under the guidance and direction of our chief scientific officer (Ph.D. and post doc from united states and 20 years rich research experience) together with our bench scientists.

Comprehensive and effective communication with our clients is a hallmark of our success.


  • Contract Research and Development
  • Custom Synthesis of Small Molecules
  • Collaborative projects to discover NCEs designed for specific functions
  • Design, Evaluation and Optimization of Synthetic Procedures
  • Design and Synthesis of Novel Molecular Entities including fluorophores/fluorescent compounds
  • Isolation, Identification, and Synthesis of Natural Products

AMRL Pvt Ltd, is one of the best service provider for Chemical development of Heterocyclic compounds,API intermediates and Natural products to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical industries and Agro companies across the globe.

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Phone: + 91 40-29367779
Email: info@aatamilabs.com